Will Sharkstooth rust?
No. Sharkstooth hidden deck fasteners are manufactured from 304 grade stainless-steel.

Can I use Sharkstooth on hardwood decking boards and planks?
Yes. Sharkstooth is suitable for virtually all types of hardwood. Contact us if you are unsure.

Can I use Sharkstooth on softwood decking boards and planks?
Yes. Sharkstooth is suitable for all types of softwood including pressure treated and kiln dried pine.

Can I use Sharkstooth on my steel framed deck?
Yes.  When using C-section steel for the decking joists, fix Sharkstooth to the side of joist using a self-drilling screw.

Is Sharkstooth a stainless-steel fastener?
Yes. Sharkstooth is manufactured from 304 stainless steel.

Will Sharkstooth stop my deck from cupping?
Cupping is virtually eliminated when you use Sharkstooth.

Do I need any special tools to install Sharkstooth?
When you purchase a pack of Sharkstooth hidden deck fasteners, you are supplied with a special installation tool for driving the fastener into the decking boards.

Can I use Sharkstooth in a coastal salt-spray zone?
Yes, because Sharkstooth is manufactured from 304 stainless steel. 
We recommend you always check with your local council/authority for the suitability of any materials to be used when building in coastal salt-spray zones.

Can I install Sharkstooth myself?
If you are into DIY and have a good understanding of correct building practices, then yes, go for it.

Can I re-fix my old decking boards using Sharkstooth?
Yes. Sharkstooth’s unique side fixing into the decking boards means you can re-fix your old decking. Once installed you can then fill all the old nail holes from the first time the deck was laid.

Can I butt-join two decking boards with Sharkstooth?
Yes. Every time you butt-join two decking boards, use a Sharkstooth fastener on both sides of each board where the join occurs.

Is Sharkstooth safe to use?
Sharkstooth is designed for use in construction zones. The fastener itself is safe to install but you must take all necessary safety precautions associated with working in a construction zone.

Do I need to pre-drill my decking to install Sharkstooth?
In most cases no. Soft timbers such as pine do not need to be pre-drilled to install Sharkstooth. However, some harder timbers such as Kwila may require pre-drilling especially at butt-joins.

How do I plug the countersunk screws when starting and finishing the deck?
You will need to use a countersink tool first for the screw. Once the screw has been fitted use a plug cutter to get a plug from a sample of the decking you are installing. Insert the plug with some PVA glue, then trim with a chisel and sand to match the surrounding timber.

How many Sharkstooth fasteners will I need?
Click on the ‘Buy’ page and you can quickly work out how many fasteners you will need from the table located there.

Can I use Sharkstooth on 150mm wide decking boards?
Yes, but ensure your decking boards have been properly seasoned and dried before installation. Be aware 150mm wide boards can be more challenging to handle and are more likely to cup when compared to 90mm wide boards of the same timber.

Do I need to inform my architect about Sharkstooth before he/she starts work on my deck design?
In most cases, the use of Sharkstooth hidden deck fasteners for your new deck will not affect the deck design. However, it is always a good idea to let your architect know what materials you would like to use, especially if the deck design has some special technical features.

How does Sharkstooth compare to other hidden deck fixings?
Sharkstooth’s main competitors are: Ipe Clip, Kleva-Klip, Lumber Loc, Phantom Fastener, Tiger Claw and Hardwood Clip. Sharkstooth is superior to all of these other products because they all require a hole to be made in the top of the joist. Holes through the top of the joist provide an access point for water to seep into the joist timber and for rot to start.

Can Sharkstooth set the gap between the decking boards?
The neck of the fastener is 5mm and can be used as a guide to control the gap, however it will not prevent the boards being driven more closely together, it should not be relied upon to keep all boards equally spaced when installing.

Can I install decking boards close together if I prefer?
Yes with Sharkstoothyou can reduce the gap between decking boards right down to zero mm or inches, if you prefer.

Can Sharkstooth straighten bowed boards?
Yes, you can straighten bowed boards with Sharkstooth just follow the Installation Instructions supplied with every pack.

Does Sharkstooth only come in one pack size?
No, Sharkstooth is available in packs of 250 and 1000.

Can I use Sharkstooth for fence palings?
Yes, simply clamp the paling to the framing when you install each Sharkstooth.

Can I stain or oil my deck after installing Sharkstooth?
Yes, just follow the instructions that come with your oil or stain.

Do I need to machine a slot in the side of the decking boards to install Sharkstooth?
In soft wood, such as pine, no, generally speaking pine is not prone to splitting and requires no slot or predrilled hole to install Sharkstooth. However hard woods are prone to split and although Sharkstooth is less likely to split the timber we do advise a small slot is cut where the fastener is to penetrate the board. As a rule of thumb, if you would expect to predrill the boards for nails, then a slot for Sharkstooth should be allowed for. See installation instructions.

Do I need to purchase special decking boards with a groove in the side to use Sharkstooth?
No costly, special decking boards are necessary when using Sharkstooth.

Do I also need to use glue when installing Sharkstooth?
Decking boards installed with Sharkstooth do not require glue as well. The use of glue would fill the unique ventilation gap created by the shoulder of Sharkstooth.

Is there only one size and colour?
There is one size, it can be used on all boards, providing they are in good condition and reasonably straight and flat. Sharkstooth is now coloured black, still the same 304 stainless steel but coloured black to be less visible.


Flawless, smooth finish
Prevents moisture buildup, rot & deterioration
Easy, even spacing of decking boards
Holds fast and lasts
No nails to pop up, making your deck safer
No corrosion with 304 stainless steel
Suitable for use with both hard wood & soft wood decking boards
New Zealand Made

Watch Installation Video

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Sharkstooth blows traditional nailing techniques out of the water!