Sharkstooth is a new and revolutionary hidden deck fastening system designed as a superior option to the traditional nail or screw.

For a beautiful deck, flawlessly finished with no unsightly nails, holes or their associated problems, use Sharkstooth. Read more...
It is a simple, effective and long-lasting method of fastening a deck together.
Flawless, smooth finish
Prevents moisture buildup, rot & deterioration
Easy, even spacing of decking boards
Holds fast and lasts
No nails to pop up, making your deck safer
No corrosion with 304 stainless steel
Suitable for use with both hard wood and soft wood decking boards
New Zealand Made
The totally concealed deck fastening system results in a beautiful deck surface
without unsightly nails or screws through the top surface of your deck.
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Sharkstooth blows traditional nailing techniques out of the water!