The Future Of Decks | How Does Sharkstooth Work? | Sharkstooth Overcomes Traditional Deck Fastening Problems

Sharkstooth is a simple, effective and long lasting hidden deck fastener for decking boards and decking-planks. This secret fastener is a superior option to traditional nails or screws and can be used on both timber and C-section steel joists.

The resulting deck is beautiful with no visible nails or screws.



Flawless, Smooth Finish

No unsightly nails or screws or their associated problems; Sharkstooth offers the ultimate nail-free decking solution for futureproof building. It creates a safe deck for you and your family to live and play on.

Your deck will look beautiful for years to come.


Prevents Moisture Build Up & Reduces the Risk of Rot

Sharkstoothis horizontally fixed; therefore there are no vertical holes for water to access the decking boards or joists. Sharkstooth creates a space between the decking boards and joists which allows air to circulate, thus preventing moisture build-up and reducing potential rot problems.


Holds Fast and Lasts

The unique design of Sharkstooth means its grip is not loosened over time through natural movement or by swelling and shrinking of the timber.


No Raised Nail Heads

Sharkstooth bites into the side of the decking board so it cannot be forced up. Standard decking nails will 'pop up', releasing their hold on the board and creating a serious safety hazard; especially for children.


Strength and Durability

Sharkstooth is manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel providing a long lasting product. Sharkstooth will not corrode, nor will it react with treated timbers like some galvanized products. Sharkstooth brings you peace of mind, especially in coastal salt spray zones.


Pre-drilling requirements greatly reduced

In most cases decking boards and planks do not need to be pre-drilled to install Sharkstooth, resulting in a faster and cost effective decking solution.



Sharkstooth hidden deck fasteners are suitable for virtually all types of timber. Whether your project specifies hardwood, pressure treated or kiln dried pine decking planks;Sharkstooth is able to affix them all.


Suitable for Steel Joists

A typical steel-decking joist is usually roll formed C-section and Sharkstooth works well with this type of framing.  Instead of using a stainless-steel nail to affix the Sharkstooth, a suitable self-drilling fastener is used.


New Zealand Made

Sharkstooth is designed and manufactured in New Zealand - a country renowned for innovation and has international patents pending.


Flawless, smooth finish
Prevents moisture buildup, rot & deterioration
Easy, even spacing of decking boards
Holds fast and lasts
No nails to pop up, making your deck safer
No corrosion with 304 stainless steel
Suitable for use with both hard wood & soft wood decking boards
New Zealand Made

A beautiful, flawless finish

Sharkstooth blows traditional nailing techniques out of the water!